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The Pegasus fellowships are grants for incoming mobility. With this programme universities can invite researchers to Flanders.

These grants provide universities with the opportunity to bring postdoctoral researchers to Flanders for a specific period of time. The intention is for them to contribute to research and thereby extend their scientific career.
There are two different Pegasus grants:
- Pegasus-long: These postdoctoral mandates are for three years and are once renewable.
- Pegasus-short: These are postdoctoral mandates of one year. They are not renewable.
For now, the upcoming calls will only be open for the Pegasus short mandates.

Researchers who have obtained their PhD on 1 June (for mandates that start on 1 October) or 1 November (for mandates that start on 1 January) prior to the start of the mandate are eligible. Candidates for Pegasus-long can submit an application within six years of obtaining their PhD. For Pegasus-short this is possible within 10 years.
Because these mandates are aimed at incoming mobility, candidates will need to have been active abroad for at least two years out of the three years preceding the start of the stay.

For now, there are still 2 deadlines in 2014 for Pegasus-short mandates: on 3 February and 1 May.

More information?
Contact Hasselt University: Leen Lambrechts
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