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The Hercules programme of the Hercules Foundation offers funding for research infrastructure for both fundamental as well as base research. What is meant is scientific infrastructure, collections, natural habitats, corpora and databases, including its digitalisation. The target audience of the Hercules programme consists of (mainly) Flemish universities and university colleges.

There are two different kinds of funding within the Hercules programme:

  • Hercules medium scale research infrastructure: for infrastructure of at least € 150,000 and at the most € 1,000,000 (including VAT);
  • Hecules large scale research infrastructure: for infrastructure of more than € 1,000,000 (including VAT).

The assessment and allocation of the resources for medium scale research infrastructure is the responsibility of the associations. The call for the large scale research infrastructure, as well as the submission of the applications and the subsequent assessment, proceeds via the Hercules Foundation itself. The target audience for large scale infrastructure is extended with institutions for post initial education, others,... .

The fifth call for medium and large scale research infrastructure (2015 - 2016) was launched on 2 March 2015. Because of substantive and budgetary reasons, it is advantageous if the application is made by a network of applicants with a similar or complementary research background.

For medium scale research infrastructure, the funds are divided over the associations in accordance with Hercules allocation formula, which is a combination of the BOF allocation formula and the IOF allocation formula. The funds planned for 2015 and 2016 are joined in one call. Given the fact that AUHL has not opened the fourth call, the funds from 2013 and 2014 will be added to this budget.

The call was opened on 2 March.  

Timing of the 5th call medium scale research infrastructure within the Limburg Association of Higher Education (AUHL):

2 March 2015        

Formal publication of the fifth call for medium scale research infrastructure by the association board upon request of the Hercules Foundation

12 March 2015

Infosession Hercules call

20 April 2015

Internal deadline for the submission of a declaration of intent at bof@uhasselt.be

7 May 2015

Meeting declarations of intent by the Hercules committee Hasselt University (= Research Council)

14 September 2015

Submission of the final version of electronic application file that has been made available for this purpose at bof@uhasselt.be. Please consult the Manual for the use of the Hercules e-form.

20 September -
14 October 2015

Intra-association meetings and bi- and multilateral meetings between the associations in order to reach maximum cooperation.

October - December 2015

The association board will, in conformity with the rules established in the general research and cooperation regulations, assess the submitted applications.

25 January 2016

Every association submits an indicative list of applications submitted for funding together with, for every submitted application, a short motivation regarding the decision.  

25 February 2016

Decision by the Board of Governors of the Hercules Foundation.
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The fifth call for large scale research infrastructure was launched on 2 March 2015 by the Hercules Foundation. The funds for 2015 and 2016 are combined in this call.

Large scale research infrastructure with a financing cost of a minimum of 1,000,000 Euro (including the non-refundable part of the VAT).

For large scale research infrastructure, applications can be submitted by:

  1. One or more research groups of a Flemish university, a Flemish university college, a strategic research centre (Flanders Make, iMinds, IMEC, VIB en VITO) or an institution of postinitial education (Institute of Tropical Medicine and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Antwerp Management School);
  2. A partnership between the previously mentioned agencies;
  3. A partnership between at least one of the previously mentioned agencies and one or more third parties.

The applications for the call for large scale research infrastructure are submitted directly with the Hercules Foundation by means of the e-form made available for this purpose. Please consult the manual for use of the e-form

If you wish to submit an application for large scale research infrastructure, please always contact the Research Coordination Office for support.

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