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Agricultural research (LA) projects should offer innovative solutions to concrete problems or demand driven opportunities for agriculture and horticulture. This results in a visible change and offers clear (economic) added value.

The intention is for agriculture projects to offer solutions to problems that agriculture and horticulture companies face. The question is formulated by the companies or organisations in the primary sector, who are also actively engaged in the preparation of the project application. The project offers a clear knowledge transfer to the primary sector, the offered solutions can be applied within a relative short period of time and the results yield an important (economic) advantage for the agricultural and horticultural sector. The project duration of an LA project is, in principle, 4 years. But they can also have a duration of a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 6 years, with a midterm evaluation every 2 years. The subsidy amounts to 90 percent of the accepted budget of the project. The co-financing is the responsibility of the applicant. This should be financed with contributions from the target companies.

Only knowledge institutions can submit applications for an LA project. They can act as an independent project applicant or can form a consortium with other knowledge institutions.

There is one application deadline each year (end of November).

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