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Writing a concrete funding application has to be the result of thorough information gathering and strategic thinking. To prepare yourself optimally for your own funding application, you can call upon the support of the Research Coordination Office.  The office will happily provide you with strategic advice in relation to your research career in general and can help you with the preparation and revision of your application text.

Via the United Kingdom Research Office (UKRO), of which Hasselt University is a member, Hasselt University researchers can make use of the UKRO services regarding European research.

In concrete terms, you can turn to help from the Research Coordination Office for the following:
• information sessions regarding research financing,...
• advice about strategic research and financing options
• administrative and strategic support regarding funding applications
• revision of application texts

Since 2008, Hasselt University has been, like most other Flemish universities, a member of the United Kingdom Research Office (UKRO). The UKRO is a service-oriented organisation, specialising in all aspects of European research and research policy.

What exactly does membership entail for Hasselt University?

  • All Hasselt University members of staff have access to the UKRO website, where they can find the most up-to-date information regarding European research. You can also find the practical details, work plans, deadlines, early announcements of calls for proposals and so on of the different European funding programmes there.
  • In addition, UKRO functions as a point of contact for questions regarding funding, Horizon 2020, European research policy and other topics for both the Research Coordination Office and Hasselt University researchers. UKRO offers personal assistance and advice regarding project preparation and project management. 
  • UKRO offers all Hasselt University researcher a free course on proposal writing and project management. In addition, UKRO members can make use of the UKRO meeting rooms in Brussels free of charge.
  • The UKRO newsletter keeps you informed about the current European research programmes and the latest policy decisions in relation to your research fields at a frequency of your choice.

How to sign up for the UKRO newsletter? 
It is very easy to sign up for the UKRO newsletter. Via the 'create profile' link on its website, you can register and subsequently sign up for the 'tailored newsletter'. To do so, you need to fill out the registration form, entering your personal details, the type of information you wish to receive, how often you want to receive the e-mails and the amount of information to be included within the e-mails (only titles, titles with a short summary, or a full detailed description).