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Research group Logistics

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FWO Postdoctoral fellowship Yves Molenbruch


In a traditional mobility policy, public transport is supplemented with (private) dial-a-ride services, providing demand-dependent door-to-door transport to people with reduced mobility. For efficiency reasons, many governments are currently implementing an innovative demand-driven mobility policy in which private dial-a-ride services also replace unprofitable public transport in rural areas. This project focuses on developing a dynamic matheuristic routing algorithm which provides integrated solutions, combining public transport and dial-a-ride services by ensuring synchronization between routes and modes.

FWO Strategic Basic Research ORDinL


The ORDinL project seeks to develop innovative methodologies for data-driven optimisation in logistics. Such an approach would enable the use of available data to learn and find patterns, thereby continuously and automatically adapting and improving logistics optimisation processes. The project is carried out in cooperation with partners from KU Leuven and VUB.

FWO PhD fellowship Lien Vanbrabant


Emergency departments constitute an important chain in a health care system. Due to a remarkable growth in demand and the ever tightening budgets, the need for services often exceeds the available resources. In this project, the aim is to analyse, optimise and manage emergency departments in order to reduce emergency department crowding and to make emergency departments work more efficiently by use of simulation and simulation-optimisation techniques.

FWO PhD fellowship Sebastian Rojas Gonzalez



TETRA Transport met PIT


Upcomming IT-driven market developments in the Flemish transport sector (e.g., e-CMR, real-time delivery information) force transport companies to revise their processes . The impact of these market developments is substantial, but facing these innovations is difficult, especially in small companies. This TETRA project, coordinated by the PXL and Hasselt University, aims to design a methology in order to support small- and medium-sized transport companies to analyse and revise their processes independently. The methodology will enable these companies to rethink their business processes to respond to future innovations.

FWO PhD grant strategic basic research Tomas Ambra