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Projects of Logistics

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OR4Logistics  (R-11453)
Modeling of planning problems in external distribution logistics and for combinatorial optimization problems in function of practical problem situations logistics. Optimization techniques within a supply chain management context.  (R-11545)
Improving logistics performance in e-commerce by integrating warehouse and delivery operations  (R-11233)
Optimising a cooperative hospital supply chain: integration of location, inventory and routing decisions  (R-10962)
Multi-objective stochastic simulation optimization  (R-11029)
Integrating tactical and operational decision-making in home health care services  (R-11521)
Internal and external pricing in a collaborative synchromodal network  (R-10567)
Vehicle routing in a city logistics context.  (R-11725)
Decision Maker Preferences in Multi-objective Stochastic Simulation Optimization: applications in operations management.  (R-11513)
Integrating human factors in the optimisation of manual order picking processes.  (R-9778)
DISpATch: Digital twin for synchromodal transport  (R-9839)
IOF mandate Ilse Cretskens  (R-9969)
A matheuristic routing algorithm in support of a dynamic, integrated mobility system  (R-9175)
Data-driven logistics  (R-8844)

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Project agreements for Research


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