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Projects of Environmental Economics

Recent projects

Project agreements for Research

Sustainability And Procurement in International, European, and National Systems - 'SAPIENS'  (R-11109)
CleanH2 – Fundamental Research in Solar-driven Hydrogen Generation using Earth-abundant Catalysts and Durable Hydrid Perovskites as Light Absorbers.  (R-11435)
Replications in Empirical Economics: Necessity, Incentives and Impact  (R-11436)
Green Roofs Up! Together for more high quality green roofs  (R-11097)
Economic valuation of climate change impacts on ecosystem services provided by dry heathland.  (R-11143)
The influence of social ties on the reduction of animal protein consumption.  (R-11697)
RadoNorm : Towards effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and social considerations - focus on radon and NORM  (R-10899)
IOF mandate Kathleen Smolders and Nele Witters  (R-9958)
Business economics students' views in doing business sustainably: determinants from formal and informal education  (R-10269)
PERCISTAND : Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics  (R-10316)
Meta-research in environmental science and economics  (R-11522)
CILO: learning to do a circular business  (R-10412)
IOF mandate Kathleen Smolders and Nele Witters  (R-9958)
Efficient Affinity Separations for CHEMicam Applications  (R-9458)
Biochar's Added value in Sustainable land use with Targeted Applications in processes, growing media & (future proof) openfield cultivation  (R-9613)
EcoCities: Green roofs and walls as a source for ecosystem services in future cities  (R-8838)
Neighbourhood power  (R-8968)
Empirical and methodological challenges in choice experiments  (R-7759)
MIT project 'Alternative Jet Fuel Supply Chain Analysis'  (R-7824)
Cropping hyperaccumulator plants on nickel-rich soils and wastes for the green synthesis of pure nickel compounds  (R-7537)

Project agreements for Education

Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance (KA2): Active8-Planet  (R-11646)
Academic consulting training in an interdisciplinary context (ACTi)  (R-10993)
Sustainability education in a Civic university (SUSCI)  (R-10995)
Creating Virtual Reality e-resources for European Sustainable Education in circular bioeconomy with bio-based products  (R-10519)

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Project agreements for Research


(*) of the past 5 years