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Efficient Affinity Separations for CHEMicam Applications  (R-9458)
Biochar's Added value in Sustainable land use with Targeted Applications in processes, growing media & (future proof) openfield cultivation  (R-9613)
IOF mandate CMK Nele Weyens 2018-2024  (R-9054)
The effect of proximity to nature, biodiversity and climate change on the spread of tick-borne diseases and associated health costs.  (R-9088)
Economic valuation of climate change impacts on ecosystem services provided by dry heathland.  (R-9188)
PILOT "nature-based solutions for burnout prevention"  (R-9185)
EcoCities: Green roofs and walls as a source for ecosystem services in future cities  (R-8838)
Neighbourhood power  (R-8968)
Assessing the validity and reliability of innovative choice-based valuation methods  (R-8266)
Empirical and methodological challenges in choice experiments  (R-7759)
Development and application of a set of sustainability indicators for green chemicals  (R-7565)
Boundless Biobased Education  (R-7855)
Urban ecosystem services: while plants do their job, do policies do theirs?  (R-7312)
CO2 for energy storage  (R-7413)
Cropping hyperaccumulator plants on nickel-rich soils and wastes for the green synthesis of pure nickel compounds  (R-7537)
Plant-microbe associations to reduce particulate matter concentration and toxicity in urban areas: a multidisciplinary approach  (R-6743)
Sufisa : Sustainable finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries  (R-6062)

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Project agreements for Research


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