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Projects of Expertise Centre for Digital Media

Recent projects

Project agreements for Research

PROROB-ICON: VR/AR based robot trajectory programming  (R-10900)
Jigfab  (R-10578)
EAPC EXPERT-network  (R-10272)
CoroPrevention : Personalized Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease  (R-10419)
SKETCH-ATLAS: An online educational platform for blended learning with specialised video tutorials on the topic of architectural sketching/envisioning.  (R-10842)
Technology Assisted Support for Fabrication Workflows  (R-10145)
eXplainable AI for end users and developers  (R-10252)
Prototyping and maintaining high-quality sensor systems by end-users  (R-9779)
Product Inspection with Little Supervision  (R-9874)
IOF mandate Mieke Haesen  (R-9965)
Silicone Devices: electronic devices that stretch & adapt like rubber bands  (R-9547)
Faster assembly and maintenance through augmented reality  (R-10012)
AR/MR support for laboratory technicians, process operators and maintenance technicians  (R-9837)
ERGO-Eyehand: Ergonomic Monitoring and Improvement  (R-9901)
Smart Handling of moderate loads  (R-9905)
Efficient Hardware-Software Architectures for Deep-Learning Applications in IoT Architectures  (R-9431)
Optimized Hardware Architectures for Ultra Low-Latency Object Detection Applications  (R-9432)
An exploration of theories, models and concepts to formulate HCI guidelines for the realization of medical, shared decision making systems.  (R-9065)
End-User Visual Programming Techniques for Developing Sensor-Based System  (R-9058)
Design Framework for flexible assembly with operator VR validation  (R-9002)
Innovation and Implementation Accelerator for Complex Rehabilitation Technology  (R-9322)
Automated Creation of Digital Assembly Instructions by Operator Driven Knowledge Capturing  (R-9336)
Intelligibility and control for context-aware Internet of Things applications.  (R-8150)
OmniDrone : 720° perception for safe and autonomous systems  (R-7858)
End-User Development of Intelligible Internet-of-Things Objects and Applications.  (R-7546)
Web Performance Automation for The People  (R-7710)
ExaScience Life Lab  (R-7793)

Project agreements for Education

Virtual Nuclear Simulator (ViNuS)  (R-10994)

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Project agreements for Research


(*) of the past 5 years