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Projects of Laboratory of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

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Project agreements for Research

The DUBBLE Beam Lines at the ESRF: Extremely brilliant Xrays for revealing the structure and function of atoms, molecules and materials  (R-10166)
Understanding the design, synthesis and properties of novel Na ion conducting electrolytes.  (R-9395)
Optimization of cathodes for solid state batteries by insights in the interaction between cathode and solid electrolyte  (R-9538)
PlasMaCatDESIGN : Designing the packing materials and catalysts for selective and energy efficient plasma-driven conversions  (R-9681)
Unveiling the defect chemistry of doped Zinc oxide semiconductors towards improved photocatalytic performance in hydrogen production.  (R-9087)
Coating of materials for Li-S batteries  (R-9048)
Understanding wrinkling and its impact on the fundamental properties of large-area nanocrystalline diamond nanomembranes  (R-8252)
XL-Lion Advanced lithium ion batteries with dual ionic-electronic conducting core-shell particles  (R-7876)
Energy efficiency  (R-7956)
Improving the performance of rock salt type cathodes for Li-ion batteries through control of the transition metal cation migration using redox reactions of the oxygen sublattice and Li-conductive coatings  (R-6895)

Project agreements for Education

Engagement EBA Skills: Pilot Plant Training 2019  (R-10155)
Engagement EBA Skills: Raw materials to electrode foil 2019  (R-10156)
Engagement EBA Skills: Electrode to cell/ Module 2019  (R-10157)

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Project agreements for Research


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