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Project agreements for Research

I-Change: Individual Change of Habits Needed for Green European transition  (R-12275)
Multi-Level and Multi-Dimensional Internet of Drones' Collaboration Approach for Smart City Applications.  (R-11945)
MILESTONE: MobILe and tEchnological SoluTions for OccupatioNal drivErs  (R-12310)
Ho Chi Minh City branding towards walkability and children-friendly mobility: A comparative study between on-site survey and virtual reality on how the walkability affects city branding and traffic safety  (R-11250)
Cross-cultural differences in risky driving behavior and active intervention under the intelligent&connected transportation system.  (R-11129)
STRIKE - Identifying and improving subjective traffic safety in an innovative way  (R-11929)
Development of an intelligent platform to offer personalized vacations to people with a care need  (R-11971)
Subsidary project "Safe routes to school with Route2School Education"  (R-11488)
Evaluation of the new driver training to obtain a category B driving license - Specifications number: MOW/aVHV/19/03  (R-11504)
Behavioral adaptation to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – A multi-method comparative study between Vietnam and Belgium  (R-11619)
VLAIO Development project - TakeASeat, A behavioural Based Seats Matching Platform  (R-11836)
Study on common specifications for road markings and signs  (R-11975)
Methodology for determining challenging road sections in term of road safety for powered two-wheelers on rural roads  (R-11256)
Exploiting the UAV Deployment in an inter-modal transportation system  (R-10299)
Establishing Cooperation for the 'weDrones' Platform  (R-10666)
Internet of Drones anti-collision protocols  (R-10667)
Search and Rescue :Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR operations  (R-10985)
A Study on Design, Development, and Evaluation of the Optimal Game-Based Learning Method to Enhance Hazard Perception Skills for Adolescent Novice Moped Drivers in Vietnam  (R-10435)
Development and Effect Evaluation of Innovative Methodologies for The Improvement of Safe and Eco-friendly Driving Behaviour Through Gamification Among Truck Drivers in Ethiopia  (R-10467)
Travel Behaviour Research Flanders and Brussels-Capital Region (control and analysis)  (R-10516)
Driver 4.0  (R-10539)
The application of automated feedback and gamification to improve Truck Drivers' functioning.  (R-10570)
Dangerous driving behaviour interventions through the usage of telematics data: application to young drivers in Qatar  (R-10997)
Intervention platform to assist end-users in adopting and implementing behaviours that contribute to health  (R-10273)
UAV-Assisted Internet of Things Applications and Services  (R-9886)
Development of Educational Transportation Research Exchange Programs and Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance and Sustainability"  (R-9887)
Integrating Urban Model And Activity-Based Travel Demand Model  (R-9900)
IOF mandate Wim Ectors  (R-9963)
Examining Driving Behavior of Adults with Higher Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders to Develop and Evaluate an Innovative Driving Instructor Training Program  (R-10652)
i-DREAMS : Interventions for optimal symbiosis of driver-vehicle-environment interactions under challenging conditions.  (R-9761)
Development, implementation and pilot-testing of a gamified E-learning platform for the improvement of (motor)cycling knowledge & skills of Vietnamese adolescents  (R-9056)
Building the awareness - education campaign to improve traffic safety for high school children in Vietnam  (R-9057)
Automated Vehicles' Impact on Pavement Performance  (R-11566)
EMR Connect (ECON)  (R-8358)
Use of ICT interventions to improve road safety for school children in developing countries  (R-8627)
Evaluation of traffic system performance using herogeneous data.  (R-8138)
Structural funding institutions: project funding IMOB for fundamental research  (R-4266)
Structural funding institutions: structural funding for the operation of the Institute IMOB  (R-4267)

Project agreements for Education

Studentproject: MovingSafe2HasseltUnivesity  (R-11867)
Contract agreement between The Ministry of Transport of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and UH (IMOB) for Delivery of a Master of Transportation Sciences program by Distance Learning to Employees of MOT and affiliated Institutions in Ethiopia  (R-11586)
Sustainable rural development through socially innovative and community-based conservation in the Chaparri Reserve Region  (R-9852)
ICP - International Course Programme (Master of Transportation Sciences)  (R-8063)

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Project agreements for Research


Project agreements for Education


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