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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-6388

Title : Research into the road safety effect of free programmable illuminated traffic signs. (R-6388)
Abstract: The assignment involves investigating the effect on traffic safety of freely programmable illuminated signs (VPVB) for the Agency for roads and traffic (AWV), Department of Expertise traffic and telematics (EVT), team safety and design in Brussels. VPVB is a collective term for signboards or billboards that use different types of technologies such as LED, plasma, LCD, OLED, etc. VPVB are increasingly used by dealers and companies to display and distribute (advertising) messages along the Flemish road network. Because these VPVB may have an impact on road safety, coupled with the fact they pop up more and more on the streets, it is important to determine the impact of these boards on the behaviour of road users. There was already a first literature study conducted on the effects of VPVB on road safety. From this study, it is apparent that there is no uniformity at international level in dealing with VPVB. There is, therefore, a need for additional research on this theme. The results of the literature study already carried out must be checked against reality. The effects on road safety in different type situations will need to be examined, adapted to the Flemish context. These different conditions need to be analysed and evaluated in terms of the impact on road safety. The already conducted literature study is integrally made available. The results of this study will be used to create a legal framework concerning the terms of VPVB in Flanders.
Period of project : 7/09/2015to21/12/2015

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