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project R-6347

Title : Test facility for NORM based construction materials (R-6347)
Abstract: In the BOF project NuTeC (CMK) will acquire a test facility for qualification of NORM (Naturally occurring radiological materials) bases building materials. The new Euratom-BSS (Basic Safety Standards) sets new legislative requirements for NORM processing industries and also for the construction industry that is using this types of materials for building materials. In the view of these new guidelines, companies are already looking for solutions to characterize the activity concentration of the NORM containing by-products, wastes or NORM based building materials. To support industry and researchers developing the new waste based building materials NuTeC so far can only aid them with 'on-site' gamma spectrometric measurements. For in-depth radiological characterisation and specific research in this field we are dependent of external collaboration with IRMM or SCK-CEN since NuTeC lacks the specific equipment and infrastructure for in-depth radiological characterisation or for the required pre-treatment of coarse industrial materials. For the radiological characterization the on-site equipment cannot perform low activity measurements (like in NORM) with a small sample size as the standard operational procedures for these measurements instruct. This BOF project will tackle these problems by acquiring the necessary research equipment and modifying the infrastructure. To obtain sufficient quality a user friendly low background HPGe set-up is acquired and the necessary equipment for pre-treatment of materials. This will enable NuTeC to strengthen our research collaboration with industry and in the European COST network NORM4Building.
Period of project : 7/07/2015to6/07/2020