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project R-7547

Title : Single-Atom Diamond Quantum Probe: Proof-of-Principle Molecular Engineering Methodology (R-7547)
Abstract: Identification and quantification of single molecules and their conformational changes have important applications to chemistry, biology and physics. Quantum operational principles bring new philosophy into sensing of atomistic objects by providing non-invasive interaction platform. By the principle, they allow imaging of spins in single atoms or molecules and their electric or magnetic fields without need of averaging over large ensembles. They can give information about quantum inter-correlations of individual objects and insight into measured matter, not accessible by classical ways. Colour centres in diamond, such as NV or SiV, gained important momentum for quantum imaging of single atomistic objects. However there is no way how to engineer by a controllable manner single-site colour centres in diamond without generating another point defects, reducing the lattice relaxation and spin coherence and times T1 and T2. Implantation techniques generate inherently defects and have a limited yield. CVD technology does not allow controlling point defects on an atomic precision scale. We attempt to build colour probes by a new method deterministically by embedding them in he smallest diamond precursors: individual cages of diamondoid molecules. We also explore single-crystal CVD diamond engineering by molecular functionalization and CVD and overgrowth with predefined centres rather then incorporating them during the growth, giving an ultimate spin control for advanced applications.
Period of project : 1/01/2017to31/12/2020