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Environmental Economics (EEC) : project R-7261

Title : Social acceptance of carbon capture and utilization (R-7261)
Abstract: In this PhD the social acceptance of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) will be assessed. ecu is a developing technology, which allows producing chemicals, fuels, and materials, that can help mitigate climate change, if the products derived from CCU are socially accepted by all relevant stakeholders. Social acceptance, in turn influences private firms' willingness to take the risk of commercializing so-called green innovations given significant uncertainty and large amount of resources necessary in the commercialization process. In the first phase of the PhD, the student will identify the level and dimensions of broader social acceptance of ecu by experts from academia, industry, government, and media. From this information policy measures will be identified that can enhance CCU's social acceptance. Next, in a second phase, two C02 derived end products (transport fuel and packaging plastic) will be submitted to consumer value judgement, providing quantitative information on differences in market acceptance of CCU by end-product, and on the importance of green labeling for acceptance of ecu products. The latter aspect would then allow quantifying the degree to which adopting a label can result in a competitive advantage for firms.
Period of project : 1/10/2016to15/07/2018

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