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project R-7542

Title : Next Generation Process Mining (R-7542)
Abstract: The research discipline on process mining is a relatively young discipline, with its origin at the end of last century. The new-born discipline was picked-up by Wil van der Aalst (Eindhoven University of Technology) in 2004 and further elaborated to the broad research domain of process mining. The idea of process mining is to discover, monitor, and improve real processes (as opposed to assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from event logs in today's information systems, as declared in the 'Process Mining Manifesto'. By connecting data mining and business process modeling, process mining has the potential to fundamentally increase the knowledge on business processes, based on real process behavior. To date, an active group of researchers in the Business Process Management community works on this topic, both fundamental and in a broad range of application fields. Also industry is showing interest in the research, as evidenced by multiple reported case studies.
Period of project : 1/01/2017to31/12/2021