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project R-8252

Title : Understanding wrinkling and its impact on the fundamental properties of large-area nanocrystalline diamond nanomembranes (R-8252)
Abstract: At a rapidly expanding frontier of nanoscience, researchers put a significant focus on nanomembranes. Nanomembranes are structures with thicknesses of less than a few hundred nanometers and with minimum lateral dimensions more than a few tens of micrometers, and are normally isolated from their environment at both sides (e.g. by air, vacuum or a dissimilar other material). The latter distinguishes nanomembranes from thin films, and gives them unique mechanical features that are not found in other material formats (e.g. bulk, one- and zero-dimensional materials). For a long time, the extreme properties of bulk diamond are recognized. However, only now with a recent technological advancement it became possible to study diamond in the format of nanomembranes. This project studies wrinkling phenomena in diamond nanomembranes and aims to understand its link to the fundamental properties of diamond, nanomembranes shape and thickness. Moreover, the membranes of nanometric thickness are prone to large deformations and high strain. The latter one considerably modifies material properties. Thus, the extreme material at the extreme conditions will open up new horizons in the fascinating world of physics.
Period of project : 1/10/2017to30/09/2020