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project R-8843

Title : Scalable Electrically Readout Diamond Spin Qubit Technology for Single Molecule Quantum Imagers (R-8843)
Abstract: Q-Magine develops revolutionary diamond quantum sensors and 2D matrix imagers for the detection and processing of the spatial and temporal distributions of physical variables with an unsurpassed ratio of sensitivity and compactness. The principle of Q-Magine is based on a scalable Qubit architecture using the photoelectric detection of magnetic resonances (PDMR) of NV diamond spins. The proposed innovation aims of moving from basic scientific principles to demonstration of device function by applying this method for detection of nuclear spins in single molecules such as proteins leading to novel molecular NMR. Part of the works relates to developments of imagers based on the PDMR by repeating the basic sensing unit of electrically detected spin Qubits. The proposed scheme has a large potential for highly parallel bioelectronics devices fro lab-in chip applications.
Period of project : 1/01/2018to31/12/2020