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project R-8698

Title : Spin-based nanolytics - Turning today's quantum technology research frontier into tomorrow's diagnostic devices (R-8698)
Abstract: The aim of the NanoSpin project is to develop quantum hyperpolarization techniques applied to the electron NV spin in diamond or colour centre spins in SiC and seeking optimal control of the quantum dynamics to transmit or to extract spectroscopic information to and from its surroundings. These techniques will be used to develop devices for hyperpolarized NMR. The hardware will be developed to achieve custom integrated circuit technologies which are ideally suited to implement high-performance micro- and nano-quantum sensors, keeping system complexity and cost at a minimum. The developed platform will be used in combination with engineered diamond and SiC materials. As the final goal, NanoSpin will provide a quantum based sensing platform which achieves an unmatched performance in a portable, versatile, practical and affordable setup and therefore bears the potential to revolutionise many disciplines including personalised medicine and home diagnostics.
Period of project : 1/01/2018to31/12/2020