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project R-9077

Title : Development and clinical evaluation of an Intelligent Activity-based Client-centred Training system in rehabilitation (R-9077)
Abstract: Client-centred task-oriented training is important in neurorehabilitation. Based on exploratory research, a new client-centred and task-oriented training system has been developed: the intelligent Activity-based Client-centred Training (i-ACT) system . A feasibility study in patients and therapists, reported medium to high scores on motivation, usability, credibility and expectations towards the system. The pilot study showed improvements regarding general functional ability in activities of daily life (ADL), and significant improvements in arm-hand functional ability and self-perception of AOL-performance. This project aims to increase the evidence of the i-ACT system. On the one hand by evaluating the efficacy of i-ACT using a randomised clinical trial in persons with central nervous system diseases, regarding functionality and quality of life. Persons with central nervous system diseases in the experimental group will follow a training protocol of 3 x 30 minutes per week for 6 weeks. Assessments will be performed before, after 3 and 6 weeks of training, and after 6 weeks follow-up. On the other hand, a feasibility study will be performed in elderly to evaluate the usability of i-ACT.
Period of project : 1/09/2018to31/08/2020