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project R-9581

Title : Electronic structure of n­type nanocrystalline diamond: An x­ray spectroscopic study (R-9581)
Abstract: Doping nitrogen or lithium into nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films improves the electrical conductivity that promote an enormous improvement in the field electron emission (FEE) and electrochemical (EC) properties of NCD films. In order to elucidate the FEE and EC properties, it is important to understand the nature of chemical bonding and the electronic structure of the doped NCD films. To this aim, X ray absorption spectroscopy and Resonant Inelastic Xray Scattering will be performed at the C K edge and N K edge to study the chemical bonding and electronic structure of the NCD films. In addition, Photoemission spectroscopy will be used to probe the C1s, N1s and Li1s core levels and the Fermi edge of the NCD films. Understanding the nature of chemical bonding and the electronic structure will be crucial for explaining the electron conduction mechanism in the doped NCD films.
Period of project : 27/05/2019to9/06/2019