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project R-10600

Title : Spin Driving in Quantum-Coherent Materials (R-10600)
Abstract: The world-wide move towards quantum technology aims at unleashing the potential of quantum mechanics in future communication, computation and metrology applications. The kernel of these developments is resolving the complexity of coherent control of spin qubit arrays, being superconducting qubits, trapped ions and others and interfacing them to peripheries. Whilst most of such qubits work at cryogenic temperatures, quantum engineering complexity can be significantly reduced by employing an important class of materials with atom-like defects hosted by a solid state material and working at ambient. We propose forefront efforts in this field by physically realising a platform, which we call quantum-coherent materials. Based on ab-initio models of novel spin centres, in particular group IV vacancies ( Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) in diamond we tune the defect magneto-optical properties. We will realise coherent spin driving, employing spin-conserving transition on defect charge states. Recently we have demonstrated photo-electric spin readout, working successfully on NV qubit, however NV centre fails for a single shot spin readout at ambient which is a necessary pre-condition for high fidelity readout and for applications to quantum information science. The group IV vacancies offer very high Zero Field Splitting, opening ways to realise high-fidelity schemes and coupling of Q-bits by phonons. Such spin-phonon interfaces will be a very efficient method for coherent coupling between qubits.
Period of project : 1/01/2020to31/12/2023