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project R-10162

Title : Diamond NV color center spin resonance magnetometers: from fundamentals to advanced operation principles. (R-10162)
Abstract: In fall 2017 we submitted proposal for project OSCAR-QLITE (Optical Sensors based on CARbon materials: Quantum Lightweight ITEration) in framework of REXUS/BEXUS (Rocket/Balloon Experiment for University Students) programme organized by Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA), German Space agency's (DLR) and ESA (European Space Agency). We were shortlisted down to 8 teams applying for balloon flight. The selection took place in ESTEC (ESA's engineering and technology hub in the Netherlands) in front of panel composed of ESA, DLR and SNSA experts. We were selected among other three teams to design, build, test and fly our experiment on board of stratospheric balloon flight on 17th October 2018. More information of the selection can be found here: https://www.esa.int/Education/Nine_new_student_teams_selected_to_fly_experiments_on_REX US_BEXUS/(print). I was leading the OSCAR-QLITE team composed of 7 bachelor and master students and we successfully undertook all the reviews. Each review we passed was critical and not fulfilling the requirements would lead to being excluded from the programme. There were six reviews (Selection process, Preliminary design review, Critical design review, Integration progress review, Experiment acceptance review, and Flight readiness review). We had successful flight after which we received certificates proving our journey
Period of project : 1/10/2019to31/03/2022