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project R-10490

Title : Improving (typo)graphic navigation in contemporary non-linear magazines with large-scale documentation. Reading texts, images, grid systems and their relations, in the era of digitization. (R-10490)
Abstract: This projects main goal is to study the interaction between navigational design features within the layouts of non-linear content in magazines, through reading comprehension, search tasks and general appreciation. There are several design parameters which get affected by navigation. Text, images/objects, grid systems and their relations are influencing the legibility and readability of the publications, and are looked upon, as well digital as printed, without losing the links between these reading instruments. The synergy of the complete set of reading material or apparatus, are based on (non-)linearity and navigation on a (typo)graphic micro (small scale, page, letter and word) and macro (large scale, book, arrangements on texts & images) levels within their topic. This pioneering work presents new challenges in data technology but it also opens novel paths in our growing digital times and reading habits.
Period of project : 1/11/2019to31/10/2023