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project R-10567

Title : Internal and external pricing in a collaborative synchromodal network (R-10567)
Abstract: The need for efficient, fast and flexible transport is high, but societal concerns with respect to sustainability, air pollution and traffic congestion put the existing system under pressure. To better utilise the available capacity and facilitate the switch to alternative transport modes (e.g., barge, train), synchromodality can be seen as a promising futuristic view on logistics. Within a synchromodal transport network, multiple logistics service providers (LSPs) join forces and allocate cargo to different modes and routes in a flexible and sustainable manner. The goal of this project is to develop quantitative tools which support collaborating LSPs in constructing a joint planning of all synchromodal transports. The focus is especially on providing insights on how to set the price for the transport service and how to properly divide revenues and cost among all partnering transport companies.
Period of project : 1/03/2020to29/02/2024