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project R-11097

Title : Green Roofs Up! Together for more high quality green roofs (R-11097)
Abstract: The goal of the green roofs up project is to kickstart a transition in the sector of green roofs that will lead to more quality, uniformity, and innovation using input from the sector. The project will ultimately lead to the draft of realistic, supported (implementation) guidelines, to the identification of more sustainable substrates sourced from local materials, and to the listing of the most efficient types of green roof systems in improving the urban climate. Both companies, the urban climate, and the environment will benefit from the application of the developed guidelines and the knowledge creation and transfer they incite. The project targets predominantly the following stakeholders: installers, suppliers and manufacturers of green walls; but it also benefits (garden)architects, contractors, and firms that carry out the maintenance of urban green.
Period of project : 1/10/2020to30/09/2022