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project R-10895

Title : Nanoscale dynamic spectroscopic microscopy station for cryogenic temperatures (R-10895)
Abstract: The current revolution in Quantum Technology opens a space for vast research activities to employ the principles of quantum mechanics in developing novel domains applications, being it quantum sensors, quantum computers, or quantum internet. The proposed narrow electron excitation and spin polarization laser source is indented for quantum spin experiments in the temperature range from cryogenic to room temperatures for diamond Solid-State Qubits (SSQ), carried out at Quantum Photonics Group of the Institute for Materials Research. SSQs are the major topic of the group and the part of national and international collaboration activities. The equipment will be directly employed in the current EU quantum projects (ASTERIQS, Q_MAGINE, NANOSPIN), the current FWO basic research projects and strategic basic research (SBO- Diaquant) projects. Also newly started project on quantum NMR ( VLAIO) and FWO, for which is this strategic equipment planned, will use the equipment. The proposed laser has unique parameters, allowing to extend strategically our study towards novel solid state qubits for exploring single molecule detection as well as quantum computing devices for operation towards room temperatures.
Period of project : 1/05/2020to30/04/2024