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Environmental Economics (EEC) : project R-11436

Title : Replications in Empirical Economics: Necessity, Incentives and Impact (R-11436)
Abstract: The replication crisis is omnipresent in nearly every academic field. In order to shed light into this crisis, the core of this project is the development of a software that allows to automatically extract statistical information from scientific papers. Many studies in meta-research rely on manual work. Some indeed use automated tools but these cannot interpret information from tables. DORIS will be a new tool that allows scraping articles from scientific journals and extract text information as well as basic statistical information in tables, e.g. t-tests, p-values and eye-catchers. In the end, DORIS will produce a big data set that allows to answer the following research questions on a broad scale: • How prevalent are statistical reporting errors in economics? • What are the sources of statistical reporting errors in economics? • How can statistical reporting errors be avoided? • To what extent may a statistical reporting error change the statement of a paper? • How do effect sizes change over time in economics? • How do chosen methods affect effect sizes and statistical accuracy?
Period of project : 1/01/2021to31/12/2022

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