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project R-11533

Title : 2D Hexagonal Boron Nitride - Thin Films and Nanowalls (R-11533)
Abstract: Boron nitride (BN) materials have attracted much attention in recent years due to a wide variety of promising future applications for coating and water cleaning technologies owing to its various advantages. Hexagonal BN (hBN) is the softest and most stable with its structure similar to graphite, in which B and N atoms are bound together alternatively in-plane by strong covalent bond by forming two dimensional (2D) sheets. Interaction within different sheets is weak and governed by Van der Waals forces. hBN can be synthesized into nanostructured films, such as nanowalls by the introduction of hydrogen, with tunable properties depending on the deposition and growth parameters, to make it insulating, highly compressible, or to improve its lubricity. This research aims to focus on the nucleation and growth of hBN nanowalls on oxygen terminated surfaces, single crystal diamond (SCD) and on metal substrates and study its influence on initial and bulk nanowall growth and crystal defects in the films. Deposition parameters may be tuned for the possible growth of hBN nanowall on the substrate eliminating initial growth phases normally observed like amorphous BN and turbostratic BN and further characterizing the films for its optimal structural, optical and electrical properties. The sample size will be varied to see the effects of deposition and the crystal defects present on large substrates. Further research will focus on porous hBN nanowalls for their use in water cleaning applications with different solvents and characterizing their porosity and absorption properties.
Period of project : 16/08/2019to15/08/2023