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project R-11561

Title : Phonobet - A new phonetic alphabet Can a new visual typographical system, representing the pronunciation of several languages, build a bridge in understanding language related phonemes and thus assists in reading aloud with the correct pronunciation? (R-11561)
Abstract: This PhD study would like to give a supporting function that Type Design can offer for the correct pronunciation of a language, by creating a new typographic system - experimental and functional. Experimentally, it tries to distinguish itself from earlier interesting functional (yet unconventional) spelling design studies from the 16th century to the present, and aims to create a "transfer design". Functionally, an attempt is made to close the gap between experiment and convention in order to facilitate learning the pronunciation of a language within well-known conventions. Being able to pronounce correctly is an important and not to be underestimated part when learning a language. It increases the ability to communicate faster and more efficiently and this has many advantages, such as a better and faster integration. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), a valuable tool in teaching the correct pronunciation of languages, is an important source of inspiration, together with 'Phonotype' (2019, Walda Verbaenen), in which the Dutch phonemes were visualized as the identity of the Dutch language. By visualizing the phonemes of different languages within this research, where letters are familiar and recognizable, a bridge can be created between the existing International Phonetic Alphabet and the regular alphabet. This makes type design a scientifically based tool to research and promotes the correct pronunciation of phonemes in different languages. This research is situated within the line of research visual prosody, in which expression / emotion / pronunciation are displayed and investigated through type design.
Period of project : 1/03/2020to29/02/2024