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Transportation Behaviour (TB) : project R-5463

Title : Towards an accessible Flemish transportation network to facilitate the mobility of persons with disabilities. (R-5463)
Abstract: This research project aims to conduct the necessary fundamental research for prioritizing measures in order to improve the existing mobility network into an inclusionary system that can serve 'our future selves', irrespective of motor, sensor or cognitive abilities. As the number of older people is increasing throughout the Western world, more and more people will face physical or cognitive limitations. The idea of a fully inclusionary system is not realistic given the pervasive condition of resource scarcity. Therefore, we have to prioritize measures and in order to make efficient but fair choices we will combine an adapted cost-benefit analysis approach with an approach that is based on the principle of the mitigation of the hardship experienced by various kinds of representative users. First, I will conduct a cost-benefit analysis that is adapted to the specific context of this project. Data for this step is already available. Second, I will develop a hardship typology. Third, I will conduct a case study and implement the approach in a specific city. The prioritization will be executed within a ceftain available 'budget'. The result of these analyses is a network, a balanced situation where both the welfare component and the hardship mitigation component are incorporated. This network contains a set of measures that is realistic and feasible to implement, that can be used to meet the needs of 'ourfuture selves'.
Period of project : 16/09/2014to15/09/2015

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