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Transportation Behaviour (TB) : project R-5748

Title : More mobile with public transport thanks to Blue Assist: designing and implementing a Flemish promotional campaign around ' BlueAssist' in order to obtain a better accessibility of public transport (R-5748)
Abstract: As many people as possible with reduced mobility should be able to use public transport. Only when this is not possible, there is the adapted transport. Inability to use the regular public transport is not only caused by accessibility issues due to physical thresholds (e.g. too high steps), an important group experiences difficulties because they are not able to understand information (communication) of bus company De Lijn (e.g. end stop of the bus) or because they cannot or are afraid to ask a question. BlueAssist is a tool for people who cannot or are afraid to use public transport, precisely because of these communication problems. The primary objective of this project is the realization of an increased use of public transport by persons with disabilities. The underlying objective thus entails making bus company De Lijn more accessible to persons with disabilities. In terms of communication this can already be realized with limited resources, as opposed to getting rid of physical thresholds who bring about greater costs. To achieve this, on the one hand BlueAssist will be further promoted in Flanders. On the other hand, an explorative research will be set up to further integrate Blue Assist in the operation of the local MMC (Less Mobile Central).
Period of project : 24/04/2014to23/04/2015

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