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Transportation Behaviour (TB) : project R-5573

Title : Moveable transport aid tools on vehicles of VVM De Lijn and/or vehicles that are used for the public service obligation to be able to transport persons with disabilities or with severe limited mobility. (R-5573)
Abstract: The existing and current studies clearly demonstrate that regarding the use of the Flemish accessible transport system, public transport should always be the main (first) choice. Only when this type of transport is not possible for a particular person and in any given situation, adapted transport can be used complementary for a specific trip. The use of a particular type of tool is an important factor that affects the use of the public and adapted transport. If a person wishes to travel with public transport, the vehicle needs to be adapted to the dimensions and characteristics of this type of tool. There must be clarity about what tools can and cannot be transported on vehicles of De Lijn. This is not only of great importance for users themselves, but also for drivers of the vehicles and the manufacturers of the tools. With reservation tools of De Lijn, with the transporters of the public service obligation and with the provincial MAV's, there is also a need for such an instrument to quickly and clearly (and before the trip takes place) which tool can be transported on which vehicle. The mission consists initially in the preparation and updating of two lists of transportable tools with two or more wheels for on the one hand buses and trams of VVM De Lijn and on the other hand the vehicles which are used for the public service obligation to transport persons with a disability or a seriously limited mobility. Both lists should be updated on an annual basis and this until the year 2019. Both lists need to be drawn up so that they can be implemented in a practical way. A proposal of approach should be elaborated in order to implement the lists on the producer's sides aiming at information processing by the user. To facilitate on site control, a "permitted tool" label should be worked out. Together with the client and VVM De Lijn a proposal for an (electronic) carrier is worked out.
Period of project : 1/05/2014to30/04/2019

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