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Taxonomic Disorder: A philosophical-taxonomic investigation into the role of values in species classification  (R-10602)
A Statistical Framework for Camera Trap Data Analysis in Ecological Research  (R-9974)
Assessing the effects of global change on avian migratory pathways: the case of the European Nightjar.  (R-9983)
The Flemish contribution to the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC)  (R-10144)
Molecular evolution and cophylogeny of rhabdocoel flatworms as a case study on the acquisition of endosymbiosis  (R-9203)
Effectiveness of management agreements for field and meadow birds (breeding ground, food and breeding success)  (R-8699)
EcoCities: Green roofs and walls as a source for ecosystem services in future cities  (R-8838)
Reconstructing Nile tilapia stocking in Africa: parasites, nextgeneration-sequencing and museum collections  (R-7967)

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Project agreements for Research


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