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Projects of Geert WETS

Recent projects

Project agreements for Research

A Study on Design, Development, and Evaluation of the Optimal Game-Based Learning Method to Enhance Hazard Perception Skills for Adolescent Novice Moped Drivers in Vietnam  (R-10435)
Driver 4.0  (R-10539)
Dangerous driving behaviour interventions through the usage of telematics data: application to young drivers in Qatar  (R-10997)
Intervention platform to assist end-users in adopting and implementing behaviours that contribute to health  (R-10273)
Development of Educational Transportation Research Exchange Programs and Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance and Sustainability"  (R-9887)
IOF mandate Wim Ectors  (R-9963)
i-DREAMS : Interventions for optimal symbiosis of driver-vehicle-environment interactions under challenging conditions.  (R-9761)
MOBIPLANLIMBURG : Quote Mobility Plan Limburg  (R-8992)
EMR Connect (ECON)  (R-8358)
Research Transportation Behaviour Flanders 5 (control and analysis)  (R-5444)
Structural funding institutions: project funding IMOB for fundamental research  (R-4266)
Structural funding institutions: structural funding for the operation of the Institute IMOB  (R-4267)

Project agreements for Education

ICP - International Course Programme (Master of Transportation Sciences)  (R-8063)

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Project agreements for Research

Project agreements for Education


(*) of the past 5 years