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Projects of Niel HENS

Recent projects

Project agreements for Research

Framework agreement for biostatistics services to ECDC -Lot 2 in tender OJ/2018/SRS/8990  (R-9742)
FWO travel credit for a long stay abroad at the Ithaca College 17/08/2018-16/02/2019 and Princeton University 17/02/2019-16/08/2019.  (R-9271)
Predicting the impact of targeted prevention strategies for HIV in men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) and sub-Saharan African migrants (SAM)  (R-9228)
ECODIS: Effects of co-infections on the emergence of an avian disease Mycoplasma gallisepticum.  (R-8902)
Co-financement Dieter Heylen at Marie-Curie financement 'ECODIS'  (R-8841)
SpiL : Spillover of Leptospira in island populations of the Channel Island fox.  (R-7059)
Statistical methods to estimate infectious disease parameters and individual heterogeneity using multivariate serological data  (R-8133)
The development and application of flexible multivariate models for current status data and count data with applications to HIV serodiscordance among couples and abortion, perinatal and infant mortality in Mozambique.  (R-8134)
New translational methods towards the estimation of age- and timedependent epidemiological parameters for pertussis resurgence in Belgium using serial seroprevalence and incidence data  (R-7543)
Hepatitis C virus direct acting antiviral (DAA) treatment success and its impact on transmission dynamics in HIV/HCV co-infected MSM  (R-7861)
Translational and Transdisciplinary research in Modelling Infectious Diseases  (R-7341)
BOF project financing in the context of TransMID  (R-6971)
IOF mandate Sarah Vercruysse  (R-5596)

Project agreements for Education

Master in Statistics  (R-8059)

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Project agreements for Research


(*) of the past 5 years