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Project agreements for Research

The prenatal exposome and cardiovascular fetal programming: the role of telomere ageing dynamics.  (R-10001)
Bio-imaging and size determination of combustion-derived particles to assess their toxicity following transplacental translocation from mother to fetus.  (R-10235)
Research into the effect of resilience in the perinatal period (EF 56)  (R-10180)
Transplacental carcinogenic mechanisms of black carbon exposure (T-CAB)  (R-10234)
INCALO: Internal Black Carbon Loading: validation of a novel biomarker  (R-9679)
Linking mitochondrial and telomere dysfunction in newborn tissues: TP53, SIRT1 and PPARGC1 alpha as a central hub?  (R-9401)
Assessment of the exposure and effects of parabens on epigenome-wide DNA methylation, thyroid hormone levels in newborns and neurocognitive abilities in children aged 4  (R-9070)
Unraveling the hidden pathways of inhaled combustion-derived particles from air pollution  (R-9176)
STOP : Science and Technology in chilhood Obesity Policy  (R-8964)
Environmental carbonaceous particle detection: a gap in the market?  (R-8228)
Exposure to airborne particles and ageing pathways in the ENVIRONAGE birth cohort: integrating inflamming pathways with telomeres  (R-8154)
Does exposure misclassification bias estimates of acute cardiovascular effects of traffic related air pollution?  (R-8197)
Mitochondriomics as chronicle of early-life ambient air pollution exposure and effects on cardiovascular and cognitive function in childhood  (R-8198)
Fetal microchimerism and maternal health: a molecular epidemiological approach  (R-8253)
Cooperation agreement between UHasselt and WIV concerning the research project : HubiHIS  (R-8871)
Partnership agreement concerning the European Project HBM4EU : European Human Biomonitoring Initiative  (R-7804)
Translocation of black carbon from the mother to the fetus. Development of a new internal label-free biomarker of black carbon exposures and its link with the early life origin of health and disease concept.  (R-7863)
Nature impact on mentale health distribution  (R-8490)
Residential surrounding greenness, traffic exposure and maternal stress as determinants of neurocognitive and neurobehavioural development during the first decade of life in twins and triplets  (R-7351)
HIV-infection and air pollution as emerging cardiovascular risk factors in the Cape Town region: Are changes in the retinal microvasculature a biomarker of effect?  (R-6623)
Centre for Environment and Health  (R-7013)
Assessing spatio-temporal relationships between respiratory health and biodiversity using individual wearable technology  (R-7065)
Placental molecular signatures of prenatal exposure predictive of environmental effects on neurodevelopment in early life.  (R-6385)
Next generation Sequencing infrastructure  (R-6344)
The association between exposure to particulate air pollution and vascular changes  (R-5491)

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Project agreements for Research


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