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Projects of Annelies BRONCKAERS

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NEED - Bioresponsive nanocarriers as a therapy for cancer and wound healing.  (R-11407)
IGF-2 and [DES-1-6]IGF-2 as new tools to boost neurogenesis after ischemic stroke  (R-10924)
Unraveling the signal transduction mechanisms of low-frequency electromagnetic stimulation in ischemic stroke  (R-11273)
The next generation of transmission electron microscopy: from biomedicine to nanomaterials. A state-of-the art electron microscopy system for cryo-EM and correlative light and electron microscopy.  (R-11065)
The best of both worlds: boosting the potential of CASCs with DPSCs for true cardiac repair.  (R-10244)
Finding new treatments for diseases where angiogenesis is insufficient such as ischemic stroke, wound healing and pulp regeneration.  (R-11389)
Unravelling the mode of action of low-frequency electromagnetic stimulation in stroke  (R-9055)
Low-frequency electromagnetic stimulation: exploring the (sub) cellular mechanisms in ischemic stroke  (R-8866)
Bonus external mandate: Yörg Dillen  (R-7241)

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Project agreements for Research


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