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Research Data Management (RDM)

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What do we mean by Research Data Management (RDM)?

Research data management concerns the responsible collection, processing, storage, filing and removal of both digital and physical (research) data, used during (research) activities at Hasselt University. Qualitative research data management implies that the research data is findable, accessible, interoperable and, when possible, reusable for both humans and computer systems. This not only facilitates future research based on (a combination of) existing data sets, but it is also important to demonstrate the originality of the research data in the context of valorisation, plagiarism, etc.


When do I need to incorporate RDM during my research?

1.    Responsible research data management starts in the planning phase of the research. At this stage, it is already necessary to consider which data will be collected (i.e. personal or confidential data, dual-use/misuse data, research on genetic material from countries whose genetic wealth is protected), where the data will be stored and how durable storage can be guaranteed. Such questions will be integrated (in the near future) in funding applications for the European Commission and the FWO. Researchers should ensure not to provide any confidential information about their project when answering these questions.

2.    At the start of the research project, a detailed data management plan (DMP) should be prepared. This DMP asks the researcher more specific questions about the data that will be gathered (type of data, storage format, data access, etc.). Hasselt University will provide a tool in which researchers can create their DMP. Researchers will have to send this DMP to RDM@uhasselt.be before completing their project application.  

3.    During the data collection phases of the research project, researchers should collect, process, store (incl. backups) and archive their research data in a durable way and in accordance with:

  • Hasselt University’s general and specific disciplinary guidelines;
  • Legislation (Privacy, Dual Use & Misuse, Nagoya Protocol, ethical standards, etc.);
  • The researcher’s data management plan.

4.    After completing the research project, researchers should update their DMP with information on how the data was actually collected, processed and stored. This update must be send to RDM@uhasselt.be.

5.    Researchers leaving Hasselt University must comply with the guidelines of the Information Security Commission regarding the processing of reusable and old devices, (research) data, media and documents. Research data cannot be taken along with the researcher leaving the university.


Looking for more information about RDM?

On the website of the university library you will find a range of information regarding RDM.



Would you like to get in touch with the RDM-team? Please send an e-mail to RDM@uhasselt.be