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What should I do if other researchers want to (re)use my research data? 

Researchers who receive requests to reuse research data should always seek an opinion from the TTO office regarding any possible violation of agreements or initiatives. In addition, legal advice must be obtained so that reuse of the data is in accordance with current regulations (GDPR, Nagoya, dual use, etc.) via RDM@uhasselt.be.


Do all my research data have to comply with the FAIR data principles?

FAIR principles are used as an international guideline for Open Data, i.e. data that can be freely (re)used by third parties. This implies that the principles do not strictly apply to the storage of all research data. However, Hasselt University strongly advises following these principles whenever possible.


Where can I ask questions about research data management?

Researchers affiliated to Hasselt University can send their questions about research data management to: RDM@uhasselt.be

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