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When applying for FWO funding, I have to answer RDM-related questions. Which information do I need to provide?

The FWO asks 5 RDM-related questions in their funding-application. These questions aim to encourage researchers to reflect in advance on the content of research data management for their specific project application. Some general guidelines on answering these questions (which you need to specify for your project application) can be found here.

Your answers on these questions will be evaluated by the FWO and the review panel will formulate an advice to guide you during your research data management when you application is honoured.


How do I set up a data management plan?

A data management plan (DMP) is a document in which researchers record the procedures for collecting, storing, using, re-using, granting access, archiving and removing the research data. A DMP must be updated throughout the research. At the end of the research the DMP must be finalised. A DMP can thus be seen as a the identity card of a specific data set.

Several financiers (EU,…) already ask researchers to draw up a DMP. To this end, researchers can use the application available on DMPonline.be. On this website you can create your data management plan through questionnaires, together with practical help for completing the questions. The researchers at Hasselt University have access to this tool via their lucp-number and password (the same as used for logging in to other applications of Hasselt University).


Which tools can I use to store my research data? 

Hasselt University is currently working on a tool and cloud, which are accessible to all researchers at Hasselt University. As soon as these are available, you will find more information here.

You can also use external respositories as recommended by Nature. You would prefer the use of discipline-related databases, collective databases (such as Dataverse and Figshare) or if not available, general databases (such as Zenodo).


Can I take a course on research data management at Hasselt University?

Hasselt University is currently working on courses offered for PhD students and (senior) researchers. More information on these courses will follow in due time.


Where can I ask questions about Research data management?

The researchers affiliated to Hasselt University can send their questions about Research data management to: RDM@uhasselt.be

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