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Making use of the excellent facilities of the cultuurcentrum Hasselt for three full days, this year, the SBDD XXIV programme will cover annually returning topics with special emphasis on the application of diamond in quantum technologies. Growth of high quality diamond material, including high-quality large-area epitaxial diamond substrates, control over interfacial properties and defects as well as doping, and the chemistry and physics of diamond growth and interfaces are requirements that are commonly shared with other topics, such as high-power electronics, biomedical and energy applications, magnetic resonance, sensing, and many more. Traditionally, SBDD XXIV is looking forward to provide a forum where fundamental and application driven viewpoints can be discussed at the highest level.

The meeting will start on Wednesday morning, March 13, 2019, and will end Friday evening, March 15, 2019. In these three full days, several invited talks will be given, covering different topics.


  • Diamond quantum technologies
  • Deposition and doping of diamond
  • Surface and interface physics and chemistry
  • Diamond electronic devices
  • Theory of devices, defects and colour centres
  • Nanodiamond particles, characterisation and applications
  • Biosensing, biomedical and electrochemical applications of diamond and nanodiamond
  • High energy radiation and particle detectors
  • Electron emission applications