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New postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders    1 feb 2018

New postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders
1 feb 2018


dr.arch. Bart JANSSENS



‘Building Beyond Borders’ is a project-based experiential programme to support innovation in sustainable building. In a living-lab set-up, other processes and new ways of building are explored.

Each year a local community service project is designed and built, collaborating with local communities, multidisciplinary experts and building professionals. The Design/Build project selected for 2018-2019 is a ‘Centre des Femmes’ in the small rural village of Ouled-Merzoug in Morocco.

The postgraduate degree offers the opportunity to graduated students and professionals to enrich skills by designing and building in an unfamiliar context with its challenges and opportunities.

The faculty of Architecture and Arts of Hasselt University is proud to present the postgraduate certificate ‘Building Beyond Borders’, as it is in line with its objective to support Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. ‘Think global, Act local’ is the core idea of Global Citizenship. This is embodied in the faculty’s mission on internationalisation. The postgraduate certificate ‘Building Beyond Borders’ is the next step to strengthen this mission.


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