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Our research in the field of disability and diversity is aimed at acquiring insight into disabled worker's experiences with regard to work and employment. This research is based on a broad approach of disability that includes not only individual model concepts - e.g. characteristics on the level of a person's  body and mind - but also social model concepts and elements that are part of the disability studies paradigm. We place much emphasis on disability as a social phenomenon related to participation problems in different areas of life. Therefore the experiences of disabled workers in daily life are at the centre of our research, which allows for a better understanding of factors that influence employment in terms of sustainability and quality. Furthermore, we pay attention to the role of other actors that are actively involved in disabled workers' experiences, for example co-workers, managers, and organisations that provide support throughout the employment trajectory.  Data are mainly collected through qualitative study designs, with analyses aimed at enlarging the scientific knowledge base concerning disability as well as supporting policy with relevant findings. A PhD-researcher will be working in this line of research at SEIN during the period 2012-2015.

Researcher: Eline Jammaers

Promoter: prof. dr. Patrizia Zanoni

Co-promoter: dr. Stefan Hardonk

Funding provided by "Steunpunt Gelijke Kansen" of the Flemish Regional Government

Period: 2012-2015