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The recent Flemish Finance Decree for Higher Education of 2008 allows additional funds to universities according to the number of scholarships students, working students and students with disabilities attending. An additional Incentive Fund has been founded to encourage universities to develop policies for the enhancement of study success of other disadvantaged groups such as immigrant students, students with children and other. Clearly finance policy is aiming at enhancing study success of disadvantaged groups in higher education. But which disadvantage factors weigh more heavily on study success and how do they interact together?

In this research the effect of a great variety of factors on study success is examined in order to find out which student factors are most relevant for policy attention and which are not. Quantitative multivariate analyses are conducted on the data of the first Bachelor year student population at Hasselt University for three academic years (2006-2009). The independent variable of study success is measured by the acquisition of credits. Dependent variables are gender, age, SES, ethnic origin, mother tongue, disability, scholarship, work situation, having children, …

The result of the analysis is a gain of insight in the different impact of different factors on study success in order to focus diversity policy in higher education.

Researcher: Dr. Steven Lenaers
Period: 2009-2011
Supervisor: prof. dr. Patrizia Zanoni (UHasselt)
Funding: UHasselt