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The Policy Research Centres are founded by the Flemish government in 2001. Their mission is to provide policy makers with scientific research based evidence to react promptly and adequately to challenges in contemporary society.

The Policy Research Centre on Equal Opportunities (PRCEO) is a consortium of Hasselt University and the University of Antwerp.

The Centre focuses on five research themes, i.e. socialisation and social cohesion, career development, living environment, social participation in a broad sense in a life course perspective and equal opportunities at risk due to transitions in the life course

The Centre deals with these themes in eight research lines: data gathering and developing indicators, juridical research, research of the multilevel-setting of EO policies, research concerning ethnic-cultural background, gender, sexual identity and their link to (un)equal opportunities, equal opportunities from a transversal angle and research dealing with the horizontal dimension of EO policies.

SEIN conducts EO research from an transversal and horizontal angle next to specific research from a gender and ethnic point of view. SEIN also gathers data and develops statistics and indicators concerning EO and EO policies.

Period: 01-01-2007 till 31-12-2011

Supervisors at Hasselt University: prof. dr. Patrizia Zanoni, prof. dr. Johan Ackaert, prof. dr. Nan Torfs


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