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You can find a lot of tips here that might inspire you during your study at Hasselt University.
Explore and use what works for you.

Besides the information in this brochure and the study tips on this page, a whole team of study coaches is here for you to guide you through your studies at Hasselt University.

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Self-study: a crash course

To do self-study well, you have to take charge of your learning process yourself, you must do SELF-REGULATION.

And there is good news: you can learn self-regulation!

You will find the first handles in:

- this video
- this website
- this comprehensive step-by-step plan

Or check the summary in this infographic.

Lack of self-discipline? This video shows you how to develop self-discipline!

And remember: the study coach of your study program is always there for you (via Google Meet, by phone or e-mail)!