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International students

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I want to make an individual appointment

Would you like an individual coaching?  

A conversation with the study coach or disability officer is always at your request and not mandatory. 

During the coaching, the study coach always works with your goals and expectations. She offers support when you have questions about your study method, if you want to make feasible and realistic plans, or discuss your doubts about your study choice, how to deal with exam stress, …. 

The coaching, online and face-to-face on campus usually takes between 45 min and 60 min.  The number of sessions is not fixed in advance, but many students can continue on their own again after a few times.

If follow-up is necessary, you can arrange this with the study coach.

You can then make an appointment to look for an efficient study method, make a feasible and realistic study plan, develop a suitable exam approach, or review your study choice. . 

You can work with your study material during the guidance. 

You can find an opportune moment yourself and make an appointment on the agenda of the study coach. Easy right?! 

Please note! The study coach does NOT offer tutoring on subject content. For content questions, please contact the professor!



Which online info sessions can I follow?

 Info session ‘How-2-Study@UHasselt’   


Welcome to Hasselt University! Studying at our university might be a bit different than what you are used. That is why a study coach and an international student will share information and experiences about our educational system, teaching methods, required skills, expectations on exams, social life, etc.


Online info session 'Time management'


Do you want to find out how you can manage your time?
Do you ask yourself the following questions?

  • How do I stick to my goals and plans?
  • Which time management techniques are there and which one works for me?
  • How do I keep track of everything that is expected of me?
  • How can I make a weekly schedule?

This information session will help you! You’ll get tips and tricks to set your own goals and find ways to manage your time better.


26th October 6PM - 7PM

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Need more info? ozlem.yalci@uhasselt.be