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You can find lots of tips that might inspire you during these exceptional times. Explore and use the tips that work for you.

However, not all links are completely corona-proof. There might be some suggestions in the links (not in the text) that are better avoided during these times. Please check Blackboard and your Hasselt University email for recent updates and adjustments about your courses.


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What can a break look like?

A ‘good’ break gives you new energy!

It might be better NOT to do this during a break:

- Staying behind your desk / your computer
- Watching TV-series or movies, losing yourself in social media (this is better postponed until after you have reached your daily target)
- Keep repeating what you have learnt in your head
- Thinking about what you’re about to do

But what could you do then?

- Move.
- Keep working out (individually)! You could do yoga, Pilates, rope skipping, strength training, a work-out.
- Relax.
- Make online contact with others.
- Go outside and get some air (leave and ventilate your room!)

Tips for relaxation in times of Corona: together or alone!
- Check here all tips to relax.

Concrete tips for short and big study breaks can be found in this image and in this infographic.