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A ‘good’ break gives you new energy!

It might be better NOT to do this during a break:

- Staying behind your desk / your computer
- Watching TV-series or movies, losing yourself in social media (this is better postponed until after you have reached your daily target)
- Keep repeating what you have learnt in your head
- Thinking about what you’re about to do

But what could you do then?

- Move.
- Keep working out (individually)! You could do yoga, Pilates, rope skipping, strength training, a work-out.
- Relax.
- Make online contact with others.
- Go outside and get some air (leave and ventilate your room!)

Tips for relaxation in times of Corona: together or alone!
- Check here all tips to relax.

Concrete tips for short and big study breaks can be found in this image and in this infographic.