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  • Promise yourself little rewards. Every time you have reached a goal, you will receive a small reward (e.g. something tasty, (virtual) social contact, a fun break, going crazy on your favourite song, ...) Need inspiration? Check out this website.

  • Motivate each other via social media.
    Do you like to study together with others? If so, you can still schedule study sessions, perhaps via Skype or Google Hangouts.
    After all: seeing others study, motivates you to study as well.

  • Look for inspiring quotes and hang them up in your study space. Have a look at them when you feel your motivation dropping.

  • In distance learning and online learning it is important that you are motivated "from the inside out". There are fewer external (f) actors such as teachers, fellow students,… in your area to motivate, direct or inspire you. Here are some tips to increase your intrinsic motivation

  • Maintain your productivity. Ticking off tasks on your to-do list can motivate you. This infographic shows you how to keep your productivity up to scratch.